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Expert Structural Engineers

Planning an extension or a complete new build? Let M2 Civil & Structural Ltd help you manage your project design through to completion.

Based in Trowbridge, our services are offered throughout the UK.

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Helping Your Project Succeed

Completing a home improvement project or a self build can be a daunting prospect and leave you feeling uncertain about what is needed. At M2 we are here to help. We have answered some commonly asked questions below, however if you are still in any doubt please give us a call and we will be happy to talk through your project requirements.


Planning & Design Services For Residential Properties

In addition to surveying the ground for subsidence, we also offer planning and design services to make sure your new structure will be secure.

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Why do I need a structural engineer and what do they do?

When carrying out renovations or significant changes to your home or business premises, you may need a structural engineer to ensure you haven’t adversely affected the stability of the building. A structural engineer works with building contractors and architects by providing structural drawings and calculations.


A structural engineer may also be needed if there has been any significant damage to your property. The engineer has the correct expertise to inspect and offer appropriate solutions to the damage.  

When is Building Control Required?

Building control is there to ensure the health and safety of the residents and general public. Some building projects are exempt from regulations, but when carrying out building work that falls under the meaning of ‘building work’ in the building regulations, then the correct procedures must be followed.

  • Building or extending a property

  • An alteration which effects the access to and from the building

  • Insertion of insulation

  • Underpinning of the foundations

  • Any work effecting the thermal elements, energy status or performance of a building

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House Plan

What Should I expect from a Structural Engineer?

Upon receiving an enquiry our first port of call is to have a discussion with our clients to ascertain exactly what they require. 


Once this has been established, we can provide a fee quotation for the works. 

Upon appointment we begin the works, this may require a site visit. 


We work closely with our clients and their other appointed professionals (i.e architect, contractor etc.) to ensure that our solutions are not only adequate, but the most economic and simple possible.


Choose M2 Civil & Structural for:

  • Beam design

  • Building renovations

  • Self-build homes

  • Structural calculations and drawings

  • Structural repairs

  • Timber frame buildings

  • Timber repair

  • Construction design

  • Architectural and engineering models

  • Defect analysis

  • Foundation and structural design

  • Structural surveys


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